Monday, March 8, 2010

part 2 know when you get a "feeling" that you can't ignore....well, I went in to confirm my reservation, left my luggage in the luggage room, and went to see
some sights til I could check in. Over and over in my mind I kept asking my self what I should do, was I just being a scardy cat, was it cleaner than it looked and I was so dang tired! Well, I went with the gut feeling and backed out of my reservation. I decided to go back to the airport and go home the next day! Like I said I was TIRED (probley not thinking real straight). I went back to the airport this time on the on the underground (which is another story) They said there was a flight going out the next day,and helped me find a place to stay near the airport.
Linda, Linda, Linda. My head hit the pillow and I was out & guess what! I woke up feeling, happy and ready to enjoy my trip! The miracle of sleep!

Jennifer and I met up and left to see some sights. We hit it off right away. We went to see Notre-Dame , I told the grandchildren it'd be on my itinerary.There was a choir singing , like angels they sang, it was so lovely. We said good-by, Jennifer went back to her cousins , me to my hotel. We were meeting up the next day to take the train to Toulouse where we'd pick up our rental car. We got kinda a silly car, everyone laughed when we got to our group, I like it, but it was something a plumber would use!

It was good to be at the Villa, meet our group and hosts. Let the fun begin!

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