Monday, March 8, 2010

part 2 know when you get a "feeling" that you can't ignore....well, I went in to confirm my reservation, left my luggage in the luggage room, and went to see
some sights til I could check in. Over and over in my mind I kept asking my self what I should do, was I just being a scardy cat, was it cleaner than it looked and I was so dang tired! Well, I went with the gut feeling and backed out of my reservation. I decided to go back to the airport and go home the next day! Like I said I was TIRED (probley not thinking real straight). I went back to the airport this time on the on the underground (which is another story) They said there was a flight going out the next day,and helped me find a place to stay near the airport.
Linda, Linda, Linda. My head hit the pillow and I was out & guess what! I woke up feeling, happy and ready to enjoy my trip! The miracle of sleep!

Jennifer and I met up and left to see some sights. We hit it off right away. We went to see Notre-Dame , I told the grandchildren it'd be on my itinerary.There was a choir singing , like angels they sang, it was so lovely. We said good-by, Jennifer went back to her cousins , me to my hotel. We were meeting up the next day to take the train to Toulouse where we'd pick up our rental car. We got kinda a silly car, everyone laughed when we got to our group, I like it, but it was something a plumber would use!

It was good to be at the Villa, meet our group and hosts. Let the fun begin!

Monday, March 1, 2010

yoga? (part 1)

When I started looking for another trip to take , I turned to Responsible Travel.The idea of being with a group, rather then by myself appealed to me, and my family, who worried about me being on my own. I actually found that being on my own wasn't scary but, it is lonely!

So, I found a trip that would take me to southern France in the Lot Valley.
It was just what I wanted, a small group, and the main

language was English! I knew no french except

for the few words I learned before I left. When I called to talk to the person in
charge, he said they were full, unless..........the other person from the US would be willing to share her double room with me. He gave me her e-mail address and we were soon talking and she finally felt comfortable with me and agreed to share her room.

Jennifer was from Boston, a professor at Harvard! She was about my age, a single mom , and had been to Paris quite a few times. Her french was quite good , so she automatically became our interpreter.

Oh, the funny thing I haven't told you yet is that this was
a yoga retreat! But, they assured me that I could come even
though I'd NEVER done yoga!

I flew into Paris and soon was on a bus headed for my hostel.I got off the bus too early , meaning I walked for blocks.I still wasn't sure where I was , but , was aided by a sweet little french mother who pointed me in the right direction. Even though this was my first time in Paris I wasn't able to enjoy it til I was able to get rid of my suitcase!

My hostel was in the Montmartre part of town, being
described as "somewhat Bohemian". The Sacre'Coeur was within walking
distance. A beautiful 19th century religious Basilica.
If you were going to see Moulin Rouge, this would be
the part of town it would be in.....(a seeder part?)

So....I arrive at my hostel and immediately get a bad feeling in my stomach.