Monday, February 8, 2010

France here I come

The rest of our trip in Germany was busy meeting friends,enjoying the sights they had to show us, my favorite was their little village,14th century buildings and their lovely, lovely church..

Staying in a hostel aka castle overlooking the Rhine River was the icing on the cake.The morning after we got there we woke up to a coat of snow covering everything.I will never forget that and how beautiful it was, looking down on the river and valley below. It's a must stay!

We continued down the Rhine and stopped just for a few hours to see the cathedral in Cologne. Its easy to get to by train, you get off the train and your right there.The cathedral is very Gothic which isn't my favorite , but, how can you not feel awe looking at it and especially inside. They told us that during the war the people were so worried about the stained glass that they took it out and hid it. There is enough stained class in the one cathedral to fill a football field!

An amazing trip that I feel totally grateful that I had the opportunity to take!

Thanks for going to Germany with me, hope it wasn't too boring.

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